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How to Choose Winning EuroMillions Lotto Numbers

How to Choose Winning EuroMillions Lotto Numbers

April 14, 2014 8:28 am

The odds of winning Euromillions are quite low; however, smart lotto players can actually increase their chances of winning by choosing their numbers strategically; if you believe that the lottery is anything other than just pure luck.

Some people swear by systems and software to choose the most likely numbers to be drawn. The most important thing to consider when choosing winning lotto numbers is playing probabilities and watching out for patterns by looking at historical draws.

First of all, spread your number picks out evenly. It is a good idea to choose roughly the same amount of odd numbers as even and high numbers (25–50) as low (1–25). Second, examine past winning lottery numbers to find winning patterns. Look at common groupings: are there groups of ten that show up more or less often than others or particular numbers that haven’t been drawn in at least five games? Play with the probabilities. This means that groups that are played less often are less likely to be drawn in the future, and numbers that have been skipped for at least five games are going to be the strongest picks.

Another tip for choosing winning numbers is to look at the sum. When you’ve chosen your numbers, add them all up; you want the total of your main five to fall between 90 and 160. If your total is outside of that range, it may be a good idea to alter them slightly.

With a little bit of research, anyone can increase their chances of picking this week’s winning numbers. Whether you look at past numbers manually to find those most likely to be drawn or use automatic analysing software, you can find patterns that will help you win.

If you think all of this is nonsense, and that it is all just luck, then just pick randomly and hope.